Family says inmate beaten by corrections officer at Jackson Memorial Hospital

Daniel Perez now charged with assaulting corrections officer after incident

MIAMI – A family claims a young man who is a Miami-Dade County inmate was assaulted by a corrections officer after he was admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital earlier this month.

Gladys Llano said a doctor gave her photos of her son, Daniel Perez, showing his injuries after the attack. She said the injuries happened a couple of days after he was admitted to JMH.

"She (the doctor) found him bleeding, and she asked Daniel what had happened to him. And he said that the corrections officers had beat him up," Llano said.

Perez is currently an inmate at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and is facing felony charges from an alleged drug deal, including attempted armed robbery and attempted murder.

The pictures show him handcuffed and bleeding from the nose, with bruising on his neck. His mother said officers took him to JMH Feb. 13 for a health issue. She said he got the injuries the following Monday, and staff moved him to the trauma unit.

"I can't believe with the injuries that my son has that no one heard anything. Nothing was recorded," Llano said.

The Miami-Dade Corrections Department told Local 10 News that it is investigating whether their staff committed any wrongdoing. But reporter Amy Viteri learned that Perez is now charged with assaulting an officer during the incident.

The arrest affidavit said he was belligerent with JMH staff and that he kicked and punched a corrections officer who was trying to restrain him. The report makes no mention of his injuries.

"He's in a 3-point handcuff. He's handcuffed -- both hands and one of his legs. He can't move," Llano said.

Llano took Perez's son with her to the hospital but wasn't able to see him. She said he wasn't allowed to call her or his attorneys.  

"My concern is that inmates are treated like animals, and they have rights," Llano said.

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