Holness upsets Simpson-Miller, elected Prime Minister of Jamaica

Labour Party, led by Holness, takes Parliament


KINGSTON, Jamaica – People in Jamaica elected a new Prime Minister on Thursday, marking a change in politics for the largest English-speaking country in the Caribbean. 


The Labour Party, which is led by 43-year-old Andrew Holness, captured 33 of the 63-seat Parliament, enough to win a narrow victory over the ruling People's National Party led by 70-year-old Portia Simpson-Miller.


Holness upset Simpson-Miller, who was believed to be ahead in the polls..


He pledges to create jobs and grow the economy, while improving education and health care.


Holness was Prime Minister for a brief period of time in 2011.


Jamaican media reported heavy security at the polls because of a series of shootings in the last month.