Man accused of attempted rape testifies in trial

Terrance Jefferson, 36, to stand trial in 2 other cases from December 2013

MIAMI – A man accused of going on an end-of-the-year crime spree in 2013 testified Wednesday in the trial of the first of three cases against him.

Terrance Jefferson, 36, is accused of offering an 18-year-old woman a ride during bad weather in Miami on Dec. 28 before pulling out a gun and demanding that she strip. The woman escaped and ran away.

Police said Jefferson then robbed and sexually assaulted another woman at gunpoint in her car on Dec. 30.

The next day he called a 9-year-old and 13-year-old girl over to his car, police said. The kids screamed, dropped their cellphone and laptop and ran away from Jefferson, who police said had a gun.

Jefferson was all smiles as he took the stand Wednesday, even winking at the TV camera in the courtroom after he was done with the cross-examination.

Jefferson claimed he never pulled a gun on the 18-year-old woman and denied slapping her across the face, but he did admit that he was trying to have sex with the woman and pulled out cash in front of her.

"You were looking for some sex at gunpoint," the prosecutor said to Jefferson.

"No, I was looking for some gas," he said.

According to Jefferson, the victim, who he claims is a prostitute stole $134 from him, but he didn't call police because he was afraid that he would get into trouble.

"I noticed somebody was walking and when I seen her walking , I rolled the window down and I said, 'I know this person,'" Jefferson said.  "I was asking her like 'You know, what you gonna do for the money?'"

"We sitting in the car talking, so she like, 'My time is money.' l was like 'money?' I pulled the money out," he said.

He later became defensive during cross-examination, even cursing at the prosecutor.

Authorities said Jefferson, who is a 6-time convicted felon, had only been out of prison for a month before he went on the crime spree.

If convicted, Jefferson will spend life behind bars.


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