Child found smuggled in carry-on bag aboard flight

Discovery made after passenger saw something moving inside bag


PARIS – While fireworks, matches or gas torches may be prohibited from what you're allowed to bring aboard an airplane, no one ever said you can't stuff a child in your carry-on bag.

So that's exactly what one passenger did on a recent Air France flight from Istanbul to Paris.

According to Planet, a woman smuggled a small child on the flight inside her hand luggage.

The child, whose age was thought to be one or two, was discovered after fellow passengers saw something moving inside the woman's bag.

The passengers alerted a flight attendant who confronted the woman about she was carrying inside the carry-on luggage.

The flight attendant was "very shocked" when a child popped out.

After the discovery, the mother and child were moved to the front of the plane where they remained for the rest of the flight.

Air France officials say the baby is fine and they are investigating how it was smuggled aboard the plane "with a ticket."