Large alligator blocks southbound lanes on U.S. 27

10-foot gator wanders back into water near Sawgrass Recreation Park

WESTON, Fla. – An alligator crawled onto the southbound lanes of U.S. Highway 27 on Tuesday evening, surprising an airboat captain who was heading home from Sawgrass Recreation Park.

Jim Leljedal said he spotted the alligator just north of Interstate 75 at about 7 p.m.

"That gator really seemed determined to go eastbound," Leljedal told Local 10 News. "He wanted to head east and he did not want to go back to where he came from."

Leljedal said the gator wasn't backing down, like most would around people. 

He said the gator, which was about 10-feet long, appeared to be angry as a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer prodded the reptile with a long pole in an attempt to get it off the highway with having to touch it.

In the end, the gator decided to head back into the Everglades, possibly to plan his next trip across the road.

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