Victim tells about encounter with accused Coral Gables groper

Torres was in court Thursday, accused of groping 2 of the 6 women targeted

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Rodolfo Coll-Torres is accused of terrorizing women in a Coral Gables neighborhood for the better  part of a month

The 22-year-old’s face now frightens one of his victims.

“The second I saw him, I just start crying,” said the woman, who did not want to be named. “I just saw his picture. His face is something you just can’t forget.”

The woman said her nightmare began last week when she was walking her dog just off Ponce De Leon Boulevard when Torres followed her for about half an hour.

“Every time I turned onto the dark street, he was right after me,” she said.

The man then struck, throwing a large rock, that hit her on the head.

“I just [held] my head,” she said.  “Slowly bleeding and screaming to the other side somewhere I know there are people there.”

A judge referred to the action as "throwing a deadly missile,” earlier this week.

After the rock was thrown Torres ran away, but police eventually caught up and arrested him.

Torres was in court Thursday, where he stands accused of groping two of the six women he targeted. He has been charged with four counts of simple battery, one count of assault and one count of aggravated battery. 

Although she is happy he was found, the victim’s life still isn’t back to normal.

“I’m thankful that he didn’t touch me but then again I’m on pain pills,” she said. “My head like crazy hurt.”

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