Analytics reveal interest of nation as voters tune into debate

Donald Trump most searched candidate through night nationwide, in Florida

MIAMI – Google's Analytics revealed the pulse of the nation in attention and interest as voters listened to the debate.

Donald Trump was the most searched candidate through the night nationwide and in Florida. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz went back and forth for second.

"This election is the first time we've ever had a minute-by-minute search interest," said Simon Rogers, of Google Analytics.

While John Kasich was defending his trade policies, Google found voters rated him No. 1 on economic issues. The economy was just behind ISIS as the most searched issues.

Immigration was not there -- a big South Florida issue in this last debate before the critical Florida primary.

Cruz added his first Senate endorsement Thursday: Mike Lee of Utah.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott was in the house, declining to throw his support to any candidate before Florida's vote.

"I'm going to trust the voters like I did back in 2010," Scott said.

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