Miami Beach police arrest spring breakers

Police escort tourists away from beach into Ocean Drive


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Spring breakers got out of control and several were arrested on Friday night, according to Miami Beach police.

Social media posts showed hundreds on the beach dancing and singing. There was a couple that appeared to be having oral sex and some seemed to be drinking alcohol, which is prohibited on the beach. 

There were some high expectations for the spring breakers. A sign welcoming tourists to Miami Beach said, "Drinks Stay Inside. Please Lower Music."

They were doing the opposite. Police evacuated the beach. A #MiamiSpringBreak video on Instagram showed some five police cars on the beach with their sirens on, while beach goers walked away from the water and moved toward Ocean Drive. 

"They are kicking us off the beach," an Instagram user said. 

The fun moved from the beach to Ocean Drive, but i. It was closed between Seventh and Tenth Street due to large crowds until about 9 p.m., police said

Some were holding frozen drinks from Fat Tuesday and cocktails in plastic cups. 

A Twitter user posted a video of two women fighting at Lummus Park, as dozens surrounded them. And another video on Instagram showed a crowd surrounding police officers and a woman, who seemed angry, in front of a red car on Ocean Drive.

"South Beach is out of control," the Instagram user said on the post.

Another video on Twitter showed a man -- who was wearing jeans, a red shirt and Nike sneakers -- on the sidewalk on Ocean Drive. A paramedic wearing gloves tried to help him get up, but he seemed to have passed out. 

After the sun went down, a tourist from Baltimore, who was live streaming on Periscope from Ocean Drive said: "South Beach is crazy ... Spring break is going on. This s--- is packed. 

"Police are going crazy out here."



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