Donald Trump easily wins Florida, deals blow to Marco Rubio

Republican front-runner picks up all 99 delegates

PALM BEACH, Fla.Donald Trump touted victory again Tuesday night, saying he is bringing new voters to the Republican Party.

"We have to bring our party together," Trump said Tuesday during a victory rally at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach.

Trump said there is "something happening" in the Republican Party that is being noticed "all over the world." He touted increased voter turnout and a rise in new voters who have come out to support him.

"The lines are four or five, six blocks long," Trump said of the polling places he's seen on television.

Trump won Tuesday in North Carolina, Illinois and Florida. He clinched all of Florida's 99 delegates in the winner-take-all state.

It was a deflating outcome for Sen. Marco Rubio, who suspended his campaign after failing to win in his home state.

Trump congratulated Rubio for running a "tough campaign." Though Trump mercilessly mocked Rubio in recent weeks, he briefly changed his tune during his victory speech. Trump said Rubio was a "tough, smart" candidate who has "a great future."

Rubio earlier in the night congratulated Trump for his victory in Florida. The two had exchanged bitter broadsides for weeks, including some angry exchanges at recent debates.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich had a better showing in his home state, picking up his first win of the primary process. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz failed to win any of the five states voting Tuesday.

Local 10 News senior political reporter Michael Putney said Rubio did "pretty well" in Miami-Dade County, leading Trump by more than 40 percent of the vote with a majority of the precincts. But the rest of the state belonged to Trump.

Trump took almost half of the Republican vote in Broward County.

"What a margin of victory for Donald Trump in Broward County," Putney said.

Trump also claimed more than half of the Republican vote in Palm Beach County.

"He did extremely well in Palm Beach County," Putney said.

Trump left the ballroom at Mar-a-Lago Club without answering any questions from reporters.

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