Company bills school $500 for botched fire-breathing performance

Invoice from Inferno's Challenge seeks payment from Delray Beach high school


DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – A company responsible for a botched fire-breathing performance during a pep rally inside a gymnasium at a South Florida high school wants to be paid for the ill-fated act.

Pembroke Pines-based Inferno's Challenge sent an invoice to Atlantic Community High School in the amount of $500.

The invoice, obtained Thursday by Local 10 News, is dated March 17 -- the same day of the performance.

Ricky Charles suffered second-degree burns to his face, arm and leg. Charles said he has performed the fire-breathing act hundreds of times at South Florida schools without incident, but he switched from lighter fluid to Coleman camping fuel and didn't practice with it before the performance, so he wasn't prepared for the longer burn that led to the fire.

Palm Beach County's school superintendent, Dr. Robert Avossa, said during a news conference last week that fire inside school buildings is against the school district's policy. However, Charles told Local 10 News that school officials requested the fire-breathing performance.

According to the invoice, the $500 fee is for a high-flying slam dunk trampoline show with "3 dunkers to entertain your event, with a slam dunk contest before the performance."

The invoice also shows that the event was insured by First Commercial Insurance Agency. The general liability insurance included fire damage up to $300,000.

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