Workers blame Google Maps for demolishing wrong home

Google Maps admits to providing wrong directions

Lindsay Diaz and her family struggle with demolition company's mistake.
Lindsay Diaz and her family struggle with demolition company's mistake.

ROWLETT, Tex. – A demolition crew destroyed the wrong house and blamed Google maps for their mistake. 

Billy L. Nabors Demolition's slogan: "We could wreck the world." And that's what they did when they destroyed Lindsay Diaz's home. 

The workers had a job to do at 7601 Cousteau Drive in Rowlett, Texas. But instead, they said, Google Maps directed them to 7601 Calypso Drive, where Diaz's duplex was. A day after Christmas Day, a tornado hit the neighborhood and damaged her duplex.   

"Boom! Just like the tornado came through again," Diaz said during an interview with KTVT. "I pull up and -- sure enough -- it's gone," she said during an interview with WFAA. "There's nothing left ... they really wrecked my life."

Diaz considered herself lucky last year. One person died. She survived in the tub with her baby boy and her home was structurally sound. It only needed repairs, and although she didn't have homeowner's insurance, she and her boyfriend had come up with some money.

Diaz posted a picture of the neighborhood's damage on Facebook with a request: "Pray for Rowlett." 

She was feeling lucky until she got a call from her neighbor. 

The mother had just applied for a builder's permit to repair her home, Kera News reported.  Now her neighbor was telling her, the duplex was gone.  

Billy L. Nabors Demolition's CEO George Gomez told WFAA that his company's mistake was "not a big deal." Diaz was still waiting for the insurance carriers to get back to her.

A Google spokesperson admitted to the mistake and corrected the map. They use a combination of satellite, aerial and street level images, data and Google Map Maker tool submissions to chart their maps. 

The Washington Post and CNN Money contributed to this story. 

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