Another victim accuses Coconut Creek police officer of sexual battery

Daniel Rush accused of touching man's penis at Tradewinds Park


COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – A Coconut Creek police officer accused of sexual battery on two teenagers is facing additional charges after another victim came forward, authorities said Tuesday.

Officer Daniel Rush now faces an additional charge of sexual battery and false imprisonment.

According to an arrest report, Rush texted the victim, who is an adult, on April 7 and asked him to assist Rush with some police scenario training since the victim was interested in becoming a police officer.

The victim told detectives that Rush claimed that he had an upcoming in-service training and wanted to practice beforehand.

He said he met Rush at Tradewinds Park at 3600 W. Sample Road while Rush was off-duty.

According to the report, Rush handcuffed the victim, placed him against Rush's patrol car and placed his hands down the victim's pants.

The victim told deputies that Rush grabbed his scrotum and he asked Rush to uncuff him.

Deputies said Rush refused to uncuff the victim, who was a childhood friend of his. The victim said he continued to struggle with Rush and received scratches on his scrotum from Rush's fingernails.

According to the report, Rush also rubbed the victim's penis with his hand before eventually releasing him from the handcuffs.

Rush was initially arrested Thursday on one count of custodial sexual battery and two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation, deputies said.

He appeared in court Friday morning, where he was ordered to be held in jail without bail.

The initial accusation against Rush surfaced after a 13-year-old wrote a note about the battery and handed it to a parishioner April 10 at the Church of Christ in Pompano Beach. The note detailed the claims of sexual misconduct, deputies said.

The teen then tore the note up and threw it away, deputies said, but the parishioner fetched it from the trash and spoke to the alleged victim.

The parishioner asked for the identity of the person mentioned in the note, and the teen said it was Rush, deputies said. The teen then begged the parishioner not to confront Rush. 

That parishioner turned the note over to deputies the next day.

A second victim came forward last Wednesday, claiming that Rush fondled him, deputies said.

This teen told deputies that Rush would take him shopping and "other fun places all the time," the report said. 

He said that Rush fondled him at a stop light once and that he stopped when asked. 

Rush has denied the allegations against him. He has been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. 

Rush has been an officer for five years. Prior to joining the Coconut Creek Police Department, Rush was an explorer for six years.

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