Bear enjoys freedom after being rescued from bile farm

Video captures excited bear playing in pool

VIETNAM – There may be nothing cuter or more heartwarming than the video of a bear enjoying freedom after being rescued from a bile farm.

Animals Asia released the video of a joyful Tuffy frolicking in the pool at his new home at a bear sanctuary in Vietnam.

“Coming from years of little or no water, for Tuffy this must feel like a true oasis after being parched and in pain for so long," said Animals Asia bear manager Louise Ellis.  "It must have felt like such a relief to have the freedom to splash around in the water after only being able to stand on the hard metal bars of the bile farm cage.”

Tuffy was rescued from a bile farm where he was kept in a tiny cage.

Despite outcry from animal rights organizations, bear bile continues to be used in various traditional medicines throughout Asia.

Farms harvest bile directly from the gallbladders of bears through catheters.

Tuffy was in such poor condition after he was freed that his gall bladder had to be removed.  The bear also had dry, cracked paws from being interred in such a small space.

The Animals Asia website said that Tuffy enjoyed his freedom so much, he spent his first night outdoors instead of returning to his pen.