Disabled man cashes $14,741 check from insurance, robbed right after

Joe Pandolfo doesn't want to press charges, wants money back

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Joe Pandolfo had just cashed a check from Geico for $14,741 for a motorcycle crash he'd gotten into when he was robbed of it all Wednesday afternoon.

"It was important to me because that's all the money I had in my whole life," Pandolfo, who'd lost a leg in a different motorcycle crash, said. "Now I'm stuck in this trailer. I can't even walk to the store." 

After leaving the bank, Pandolfo placed the cash in a bag and he and his friend, who was driving, stopped at a Sedano's Supermarket on State Road 7. 

"I see a guy running," Pandolfo said. "He stuck his hand inside like he was going to shake hands with the guy that was driving, and he saw the bag on the floor, on the side of the floor, and he grabbed the bag." 

Pandolfo, who planned to use the money toward a new motorcycle, went after the man, but with a prosthetic leg, the chase wasn't easy.

"(With) a new bike, I'll be able to ride and be able to go back to my meetings and go to the gym and I'll be able to go to the store," Pandolfo said. 

Pandolfo doesn't want to press charges against the man who robbed him. He said he just wants his money back so he doesn't feel confined to his RV. 

"If you're out there, please, you know, that's all the money I had in the world," Pandolfo said.