Mom destroys her kids' cellphones with rifle

Woman denounces effects of social media on her children


COWETA COUNTY, Ga. – Some kids worry that their mom's will ask to "friend" them on Facebook and forever know what's going on in their lives.

A mother in Georgia is not that mom.

WSB-TV reports a woman in a town southwest of Atlanta was so fed up with the hold social media has on her children, she took a gun to their smartphones.

"I hereby denounce the effects of social media have on my children," the unnamed woman declares on her YouTube post.

It's then the woman aims a shotgun at the smartphones, blasting them to bits one at a time.  

All while her children look on.

The woman claims that social media has caused her children to be disobedient and disrespectful.

"I refuse to be disobeyed.  I take back my role as your parent." the woman decries on the video before shooting up another mobile device.

Finally, the mom puts down the gun, only to grab a sledgehammer to do her final bit of business, but not before one final declaration.

"My children's lives are more important than any electronic on this earth.  I refuse to have them influenced in a negative ways.  Contacting people they don't know.  Being involved in drama they don't need to be in, and being in trouble in school for having phone calls."

At that point, mom lays down the final boom.