Cruise ship leaves parents behind with kids on board

Norwegian Breakaway waited 30 minutes longer before departing

(Jason Frieden / YouTube)
(Jason Frieden / YouTube)

NASSAU, Bahamas – Two parents learned the hard way that when a cruise ship offers up a departing time, it's best to listen and not watch your kids sail away without you.

The Daily Mail reports that a husband and wife lived that exact nightmare while recently cruising in the Bahamas.

The entire event happened on April 21.

When the wife failed to turn up in time to board the ship, the crew of the Norwegian Breakaway decided to delay departure so that her husband could disembark with their travel documents and find her, while their children, ages nine and around 12, stayed with an uncle.

The ship stayed in port for an extra 30 minutes while the search continued.

Eventually, the husband found his wife, but they were still too late to embark and the ship, with 4,000 passengers aboard, set sail.

In videos posted to YouTube, the distraught parents can be seen waving their hands and pleading for the ship to return.

The husband jumped from the cart they were riding in while the wife fell to her knees with her hands clasped to her chest.

The Breakaway continued on its voyage to New York, while the Daily Mail says the cruise line offered the couple assistance finding travel and lodging before they reunited with their children in the U.S. on April 24.