Family of Corey Jones hopeful grand jury will indict fired officer

Grand jury to decide whether Nouman Raja will be charged in fatal shooting

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – The father and siblings of a legally armed black musician who was fatally shot by a police officer while waiting for a tow truck said they are hopeful that a grand jury will indict the since-fired officer.

Clinton Jones Sr. said during a news conference Thursday morning that he wants justice for his son, Corey Jones, who was shot by former Palm Beach Gardens police Officer Nouman Raja last October.

Police said Jones was stranded on the side of Interstate 95 on Oct. 18 when he was approached by Raja, who was not in uniform and wasn't carrying his badge.

Jones, who worked for a public housing agency and was also a drummer in a band, was leaving a performance early that morning when his SUV broke down. He was standing near the vehicle when Raja stopped in an unmarked car. Jones and Raja pulled their guns, and Raja shot Jones.

Benjamin Crump, who represents the Jones family, told reporters that he expects an indictment.

"(About) 99.99999 percent of the time, when the prosecutor seeks an indictment from the grand jury, an indictment is returned, so that tells us, clearly, if the prosecutor wants an indictment, the grand jury will indict," Crump said.

Corey Jones' sister, Melissa Jones, said that after meeting Wednesday with Palm Beach County state attorney Dave Aronberg and his staff, she feels that they have the "passion" to press the case to the grand jury.

"Not everyone gets to this point," she said. "Sometimes, you know, you don't even get here. You know, it could have been thrown out, so I'm staying very hopeful in knowing that what they said to us will be true and they will actually fight, you know, and not just make this another case."

Family members said Aronberg confirmed that an audio recording of the incident exists.

Aronberg previously said that Raja fired his weapon six times.

"I don't even have any grandchildren from him now," Clinton Jones Sr. said. "I can't see him (anymore), and I just want to know why. What was the reason?"

Raja's attorney, Richard Lubin, has said he and his client look forward to the grand jury process.

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