Miami Beach event aims to expose youth to diverse life activities

Groups, agencies address negative social influences

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A law firm has partnered with multiple groups and agencies to provide underserved youth ages 10-14 exposure to diverse life activities.

The groups are ready to address the negative social influences that permeate communities and target youth, according to the Handfield law firm.

"Firearm violence is not only a criminal justice issue but also a public health threat," according to a 2014 child fatality data report conducted by the Department of Children and Family Services. "A comprehensive, multifaceted approach is necessary to reduce the burden of firearm-related injuries and deaths on individuals, families, communities and society in general. Each year, gun-related homicides, suicides and accidents kill more than 32,000 Americans. That's about 88 deaths each day, the equivalent of a good-sized airplane crash every three days."

The National Black Nurses Association addressed the issue of gun violence and views it as a public health crisis.

"It's a sad commentary, but more than often we assemble to be chauffeured in limousines to lay to rest one of our youth," said local funeral service owner and director Terry Wright. "More needs to be done ... to end this tragic epidemic."

The event offers opportunities for exposure and a broader perspective on positive career pathways for inner city youth, the law firm said.

The event took place Saturday at Joe's Stone Crab at 11 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach.