4 joyriders cause $100,000-plus damage to Sunrise construction equipment

Owners of Atlantic Southern Paving want vandals to learn lesson

SUNRISE, Fla. – Four people caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to trucks parked in a Sunrise equipment yard.

"(They) basically played some crash-up derby with all the different trucks that were in the yard," Michael Curry, of Atlantic Southern Paving in Sunrise said.

As he looked through the surveillance video Curry was astonished to see the crime play out.

Video captures four males breaking into the equipment yard, getting the keys to trucks and taking them for a joy ride that escalated into crashing them into walls, concrete blocks and other trucks.

"It was heartbreaking," Curry said. "We built this company over the past 20-something years, and to come here and see your trucks and your equipment just get damaged and vandalized, it hurts."

In the end the joyriders crashed five work vehicles and caused more than $100,000 worth of damage. 

"I believe the motive was that they were going to come in and try to steal some things out of the trucks, and they got their hands on some keys and just decided to be extremely destructive," Curry said.

Curry adds that the joy rides could have been deadly.

"It's amazing that they didn't get hurt, as hard as they were running into each other and some of the concrete barriers," he said.

Curry hopes that the reckless drivers are taught a lesson.

"I'd rather have them learn from this and not have this happen to either ourselves or anyone else again," he said.