Rock flies through windshield in I-75 construction area

Jessica Gabe suffers minor scratches

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A South Florida woman suffered just a few scratches after a large rock flew through her windshield.

The incident happened on Interstate 75 in Broward County. Jessica Gabe believes construction on the highway is to blame.

"Someone could have died," Gabe said. "I could have killed someone else if I was knocked unconscious. The construction worker could have gotten injured."

Gabe is counting her blessings after walking away from the road-debris accident.

"A car hit a big boulder in the middle of the road. It split it in two and half of the boulder came through the windshield and hit me," she said. "Next thing I know, I had glass all over me and I had the boulder in my lap while I was driving."

"I shouldn't be here. God must be watching out for me."

Gabe said she is speaking about the incident because she doesn't want to see other drivers injured or possibly killed by debris. She said her tow truck driver wasn't surprised by the accident.

"He said since the construction started on I-75, the accidents have been out of control," Gabe said.

A representative for Ranger Construction told Local 10 News that the firm is investigating to see if the debris was from their project, an adjacent one or from a truck that uses the I-75 corridor. The representative said Ranger will pay for Gabe's repairs if the company is at fault.

"The police officer that took my report said he received two other calls from two other cars that ran over big rocks," Gabe said.

Gabe and Florida Highway Patrol officials believe that the boulder that came through her windshield was trucked in with fill that is needed for the project.