Alleged millionaire child molester told witness to keep quiet, offered money

Louis Bianculli accused of violating order, tampering with witnesses

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – Prosecutor Katie Bogenschutz dropped a bombshell in a bail hearing Tuesday for alleged child molester Louis Bianculli when she told Judge Michael Rothschild that the millionaire developer not only violated a no-contact order with a key witness in the case, his ex-wife Kim Bianculli, but also may have tampered with her testimony.

Louis Bainculli is accused of routinely knocking out his stepdaughter with chloroform, torturing and sexually molesting her over a period of years beginning when she was 12.

Bogenschutz presented a transcript of jailhouse recordings between Louis Bianculli and his ex-wife, who is living in his Lighthouse Point mansion and who has avoided being deposed thus far in the case in which Louis Bianculli. 

Bogenschutz has said she believes Kim Bianculli has information on Louis Bianculli's "sadistic" sexual behavior dating back decades and may have seen videotapes involving illegal acts.

In courtroom transcripts, Louis Bianculli urges Kim Bianculli to be a "hostile witness" and refuse to answer questions.

"All you have to do - you say, 'Look, I'm a hostile witness, I don't want to be on the list and I don't want to testify,'" Bianculli tells his ex-wife. "And they'll say 'thank you very much and goodbye.' That's all you have to do. You have nothing to say."

Louis Bianculli, whose net worth has been estimated at $30 million, also talked of giving his ex-wife money and taking care of her financially for the rest of her life.

"If I tell you you have a place to live for the rest of your life and you don’t have to worry about it, I don't say that just shallow," he tells her. "I'm telling you the truth. I've been trying to take care of every little thing, you know, your air conditioning bill, I took care of that for you. You need money, I take care of that for you. I try to do everything I can considering the fact that I’m on the telephone doing all this."

Judge Michael Rothschild didn't rule on whether to set bail Tuesday. The hearing will resume next week.