Former Haitian president promotes new book at Miami Dade College

Martelly left office in February without successor, reflects on time in charge

MIAMI – The former president of Haiti, Michel Martelly, is once again a private citizen, and now an author.

Martelly was selling and signing his new autobiography Wednesday at Miami Dade College. The former president also reflected on his tenure as leader of a country in perpetual transition and agonizing limbo.

"Politics is so much perception. Myself, I thought it was just, give it back and everything would be fine," he said. "But you have to be careful." 

Martelly left office in February without a successor, and the weeks and months following have been chaotic. Demonstrators continue to fill the streets in Port-au-Prince, demanding elections.

An interim leader was chosen, but an election might still be months away.

Martelly, known for years in Haiti as "Sweet Micky" -- a straight-talking pop singer -- said he still intends to serve in one way or another.

"I did it before I became president. I did it as a president. I'm going to keep on doing it while I am not president," he said. "So, if I have to be president to do more later, then let it be. But I don't care about that."