Man accused of stabbing another man in Miami for revenge

Suspect stabs man who he claims shot him a month ago, police say

MIAMI – A man is accused of stabbing another man Monday whom he claims shot him about a month ago, authorities said.

According to Miami police, the suspect was driving his car when he saw the man in a separate car and followed him to the 1900 block of Northwest 35th Street.

Police said the suspect smashed the other driver's car window with a bat and the men started fighting.

The driver who was seeking revenge stabbed the other man in the back, detectives said.

Both men suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital to be treated.

The man who was stabbed was admitted to the hospital's Ryder Trauma Center.

It's unclear what charges one or both men might face.

The identities of the men involved in the fight have not been released.

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