Key West locates owner of illegally parked Flintstones car

City needed to contact owner before considering it abandoned

Flintstones car left abandoned on streets of Key West (City of Key West / Facebook)

KEY WEST, Fla. – Someone in Key West performed a big Yabba-Dabba-DON'T while driving in the city.

This morning, the city posted a picture pleading for the public's help in finding the owner of a Flintstone's car parked illegally.

The vehicle, with lovely zebra-print seat covers, was parked in the public right of way and has already been red tagged.

Key West officials wanted to tow it away, but it can't be considered abandoned until they go through the process of attempting to find its owner.

Originally, we take one guess as to who owned it.

We we're pretty sure that the driver was an easily-angered middle-aged man who wears an orange smock with black patches.  

He goes by the name "Fred," but is also known to be fond of the nickname Twinkletoes when bowling.

But early Thursday afternoon, the city announced on Facebook that they had found the owner of the vehicle. No names were released, but rumors are floating around that a gentleman named Barney Rubble was the driver.