Workers stung by bees while excavating near Palm Beach County-Broward County line

2 workers treated at scene; another taken to hospital with at least 100 stings


PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – A group of workers was attacked by bees Tuesday after uncovering a beehive in a remote area near the Palm Beach County-Broward County line.

Coral Springs Fire Department spokesman Mike Moser said one worker was taken to a hospital and two others were treated at the scene.

Moser said an excavation crew was working in a field when their equipment struck a beehive.

The bees swarmed the workers, who ran for cover. Many got into their vehicles, but some jumped into an alligator-infested canal to escape the bees.

Paramedics treated one man for a few stings and another man who was stung more than 50 times.

Tony Ornelas said most of the bee stings were to his face. His eyes were still swollen when he spoke to Local 10 News.

"They were just steady biting and biting and biting," Ornelas said.

A third man was stung at least 100 times, his co-worker said, and was taken to Northwest Medical Center.

"He had hundreds all over his body," witness Allen Welch said.

One worker used a fire extinguisher to help ward off the bees.

Although the attack happened on the Palm Beach County side, rescuers could only get to the workers from the Broward County side.

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