Broward County judge sets $1 million bail for alleged rapist

Adrian Junior Nelson raped a disabled homeless person several times, police say


BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – A Broward County judge ordered a $1 million bail for a 27-year-old man who allegedly raped a disabled homeless person multiple times, authorities said.

The judge told Adrian Junior Nelson that his actions wouldn’t be tolerated, and denied the defense's request for a $150,000 bail.

Nelson raped the victim at least three times since Jan. 17, a police report said.

It was on Jan. 17 that Nelson began to rub up against the victim’s body, who was sleeping in the 2000 block of Scott Street, police report said. He then pushed the victim, cannot walk, to the floor and said he’d punch the victim if the person attempted to scream.

The victim screamed,  was punched in the face and then raped, police said. Nelson then returned a few hours later and said he wanted to have sex again.

"I complied because I was afraid that he was going to punch me again," the victim told police.

A rape kit was brought to the Broward County Crime Lab for testing on Feb. 5 and on April 11 it was reported that sperm was detected in the kit, which led police to identified Nelson.

After several weeks of searching police were able to locate the victim on Scott Street on May 6 and showed the victim an array of photos to help identity Nelson.

However, the victim was drunk at the time and was mumbling words, police said, so the officer decided to come back and speak to the victim when sober.

Later, when sober, the victim spoke to police and said Nelson had attacked again.

Again, Nelson began to caress the victim’s body, who was sleeping in the 2000 block of Scott Street, the victim told police.

Nelson then took a piece of cinder block and struck the victim in the head and demanded that the victim "shut up," the report said. He then kissed the victim on the mouth, raped the victim and then urinated on the victim.

After speaking with police a rape kit was completed, police said.

On June 8, the victim was shown photos and asked to identify the attacker.

The victim identified Nelson, police said. Nelson was arrested shortly after and questioned about his involvement in several other felony cases, including two sexual batteries.

Nelson has denied raping the victim.