LGBT supporters try setting up memorial at Pulse night club

Streets closed as law enforcement investigates


ORLANDO, Fla. – Shawn Killam lives close to Pulse night club in Orlando's SoDo neighborhood. 

He wore a T-shirt that read: "I was born gay, were you born hateful?" 

The 56-year-old said the neighborhood is accepting. He is married to a man, he said. He was standing near the crime scene tape when he said, "This is the most painful thing. The club is a place for young people. It's a place full of life. There will be no body older than 30 there." 

The identities of the estimated 50 victims had not been released. But dozens were trying to get close to the club to leave flowers and teddy bears. Police were still processing the crime scene. 

Next to the news crews, 11-year-old Jaden Phillips-Gorden stood next to her two mothers. The family traveled from Winter Park. She was holding purple flowers. 

"I just want to leave these for the people who died," Jaden said. "This is to show support." 

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