Memorial continues to grow outside Orlando City Hall

Mourners paying respects by leaving flowers, signing banners

Flowers left at makeshift memorial outside Orlando City Hall

ORLANDO, Fla. – Hundreds of mourners have started a makeshift memorial outside Orlando City Hall in honor of those who died in the nightclub shootings and the First Responders who rushed to the scene.

Because the Pulse nightclub, where the massacre took place, is closed off as a crime scene, those looking to pay their respects were directed to go to city hall.

Flowers have started to accumulate with many people leaving messages of loss and hope.

Mourners are being asked to sign two banners at the memorial.  One is an #OrlandoStrong and #OrlandoLove banner for the community, while the other is for the First Responders.

Employees of Red Lobster, whose company headquarters are located in Orlando, walked en masse to the memorial to share their respects.  The group included the company CEO, down to those who serve food in the franchise's restaurants.

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