Pinecrest police searching for Facebook-bragging burglar

Suspect connected to burglaries where more than $500,000 was stolen


PINECREST, Fla. – Pinecrest police are looking for a burglary suspect who bragged about his crimes on social media.

The suspect, along with two other men, allegedly broke into two Pinecrest homes and stole more than $500,000 worth jewelry.

The men broke into a home on May 27 and stole a safe that contained $500,000 in jewelry.  The group later burglarized another home on June 9 and stole more jewelry valued at $10,000.

The men later sold the jewelry at Xodium Jewelry and Watch at the Southland Mall for $1,300.

Two of the men were arrested, but a third suspect remains at large and can be seen bragging about the crime in a video posted to Facebook using the social media platform's livestream feature.

The two arrested were Raderius Glenn Collins, 18 and Marcus Terrell Parker, 27.

One of the men arrested told police that he witnessed many of the stolen gold pieces being melted down at the jewelry store.

*** WARNING: The following video contains language that may offend some viewers ***