500 cockfighting roosters euthanized, authorities say

Authorities say there was horrific abuse at cockfighting breeding farm

MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – Authorities were still killing colorful gamecocks on Saturday in a rural area in Kendall. They euthanized the birds after a federal identity theft and credit card fraud case turned into an animal abuse case.

Federal and local authorities shut down a clandestine breeding farm. The American Game fowl -- bred, raised and trained for the bloody sport -- cannot be rehabilitated, authorities said. 

As of Friday night, 243 birds had been euthanized and another 250 to 300 were going to be euthanized, Miami-Dade County spokeswoman Lilian Bohorquez said. 

"Game fowl cannot be transported in this number, as they require individual housing to prevent them from fighting to the death," Bohorquez said. "The most humane and safe manner is to be euthanized onsite."

Federal agents were serving a search warrant on Thursday at a property, 6700 SW 120 Ave., in Miami-Dade County's Horse Country when they discovered some 500 caged birds.

"It was troubling and very sad that these innocent animals have had to endure horrific abuse," Bohorquez said. 

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