Cops: Man hid under car, touched woman's feet

Jesse Johnson arrested previously in similar incident


LINCOLN, Neb. – A Nebraska man was arrested and cited recently after cops say he hid under a car in order to grab a woman's ankle as she got inside her car.

Jesse Johnson was arrested Tuesday after Lincoln police say he crawled under a car in an Aldi grocery store parking lot then grabbed a victim's ankle.

And cops say this isn't the first time Johnson has displayed the bizarre behavior.

Records show the 20-year-old has been cited three times before for the same alleged act, 10/11 News reports.

Johnson was reportedly cited just days earlier after allegedly startling a woman near her car in a medical facility parking lot.

Before that, in March, Johnson was arrested for allegedly hiding under a woman's truck in a Walmart parking lot and touching her foot.

Nearly a year earlier, police say Johnson was found guilty of disturbing the peace and fine $150 after committing a similar act in a TJ Maxx parking lot.

"I just have this weird addiction and odd behavior," Johnson told the Lincoln Journal Star. "I don't know why."