Miami Beach police officer rescues pelican that struck power line

Pelican expected to be released into wild in coming days

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A Miami Beach police officer came to the rescue of an injured pelican Monday morning.

Police said Officer Traci Sierra rescued the pelican after it struck a power line.

Local 10 News reporter Jenise Fernandez spoke to Sierra, who said she was called to reports of an injured pelican in the area of Pinetree Drive and 63rd Street.

Sierra said the pelican was on the ground and wasn't moving.

The police officer quickly put the pelican in her patrol car and took the bird to the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station on Northwest 79th Street Causeway.

Employees at the animal rescue said the bird was bleeding and in shock, but was otherwise OK.

They said the pelican, who Sierra named Dudley, will stay at their location to rest for the next few days and then will hopefully be placed back into the wild.

"It makes you feel good. We see a lot of ugly in this profession and something as simple as a call like this involving an injured animal -- you know, you feel good at the end of the day," Sierra said.

Employees said they know they have treated Dudley before because of a black band that was placed around his ankle.


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