Miami police headquarters evacuated after suspicious package found

Bomb squad detonates package; employees allowed back inside building

MIAMI – Miami police headquarters was evacuated Tuesday morning after a suspicious package was found outside the building.

Police said everyone was evacuated from the building at 400 NW Second Ave. about 10 a.m. after an employee saw a duffel bag outside that seemed suspicious.

"You know with the things that are going on today we wanted to be safe so we contacted the commanding officer who in turn contacted the bomb squad and evacuated the building," Miami police spokeswoman Frederica Burden said.

The police department's bomb squad detonated the bag about an hour later.

Police said a plastic bag was inside the duffel bag.

"When they went to see if everything was clear to go back in, they noticed another bag inside the duffel bag so they had to redetonate the bag," Burden said.

After the second detonation, the scene was cleared and everyone was allowed back inside. Even though there was no real threat to anyone Tuesday, police say they can't afford to take any chances.

"We take everything seriously now," Burden said. "Unfortunately we have to do that now, but we take everything seriously."

The incident came as the department was holding its monthly awards ceremony at the nearby City of Miami Police College at 350 NW Second Ave.

It's unclear whether the ceremony was disrupted because of the incident.

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