South Florida delegation hoping for unity at divided Democratic National Convention

Majority of delegates support Hillary Clinton for president

PHILADELPHIA – The majority of Florida's delegates to the party's national convention support Hillary Clinton for president. 

But not Miami lawyer Bruce Jacobs.

"What Bernie (Sanders) is doing is masterful, because what he is saying to the world is, 'We should all support Hillary, but I'm not giving up the revolution,'" Jacobs said.   

Sander's plea for unity among Democrats ranks did not move thousands of "Bernie or Bust" backers who rallied at Philadelphia's historic City Hall.

Some worked to sign up delegates to force a roll call vote, instead of handing the nomination to Clinton.

Sanders supporters take credit for forcing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign as Democractic Natonal Committee chair,  incensed to confirm through emails  revealed by WikiLeaks that she and the party stacked the deck against Sanders.

Some supporters booed Schultz as she spoke earlier in the day at a Florida delegation breakfast. 

As for the South Florida Clinton delegates, they remain supportive of their candidate.

"They just don't get it that it's over,  that democracy has spoken," Elizabeth Judd said. "It's not good for the party, it's not good for them, it's not good for the country. The big picture is, I don't want the Republican Party to be appointing Supreme  Court justices." 

Ambassador Luis Lauredo, a South Florida Clinton delegate, also weighed in.

"Democracy is very messy and it's very  important that the Bernie Sanders delegates have their say," he said. "We are an open party and sometimes it looks messy but it's healthy. It was a great campaign and I think you'll see us come out of here very united."

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