Mom accused of putting vodka in newborn's bottle

Monique Bibbs arrested on child neglect charges


TULSA, Okla. – A mother was arrested on child neglect charges after allegedly putting vodka in her newborn baby's bottle.

KRMG reports Monique Bibbs, 36, was arrested on Saturday.

Bibbs reportedly mixed an apple-flavored vodka with formula, and placed it in her 4-month-old daughter's bottle.

"The hospital advised that the baby's BAC level was 0.19 percent," police told KRMG.

The legal limit for adults is .08 percent.

KGO claims Bibbs first realized what had happened when she began to burp the baby and there was a smell of alcohol.

Police allege that Bibbs waited and didn't immediately take the child to the hospital.

According to police reports, Bibbs first told a hospital nurse that she had mixed the vodka by accident. 

Bibbs later told police that she made sure the bottle was filled with water to make sure it wasn't vodka before giving it to her baby.

After a brief stay in the hospital, the baby is expected to fully recover. Bibbs' other children have been placed in DHS custody.