Arsonist sets himself on fire during crime

Security camera video captures incident outside store

MADISONVILLE, Ky. – An arsonist trying to start a fire at a business suffered the ultimate burn during his crime.


Security video captured the man pulling up to a Madisonville, Ky. barbershop along with a female accomplice Sunday morning.

After the woman throws one Molotov cocktail inside the store, the man attempts to toss in a second.

But the man's aim is not very good and the incendiary device misses and splashes back on him.

Video shows the man's left leg catching on fire before he fires up his after-burners and runs away from the scene like Wile E. Coyote looking for a lake to put out the flames.

Surveillance video from the opposite side of the scene shows the man sliding across the grass to quench the fire.

When the man finally returns to his original location, he gives firestarting one more try by throwing another bottle into the store.

Despite their troubles, both arsonists were able to escape, forcing police to release the video in an effort to put them behind bars.