One and Only Exclusive: Miami police gets $400K body armor upgrade

South Florida company manufactures latest in life-saving body armor

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – In light of the recent attacks on police officers and lone shooter situations, police departments nationwide are gearing up.

In Miami, police officers will have what are called "active shooter kits." They weigh about 18 pounds, can help a police officer to hold more ammunition for rifles and are worn over a vest to protect vital organs.

Chief of police Rodolfo "Rudy" Llanes decided to upgrade about six months ago and allocated about $400,000 for the body armor. 

"We feel it’s important for officers to have as another tool to respond to these types of incidents of active shooters," Major Lazaro Ferro said.

Point Blank Enterprises, a manufacturer employing about 1,200 in Pompano Beach, makes them with  coverage on both sides to provide as much protection as possible.

Miami Police Department is also waiting on 18 level 3 shields that weigh about 18 pounds. They have a view port that’s also rated for rifles.

"It's not just for the officer. It’s so that we can get in there and we can rescue those individuals, the innocent lives that we must save," Ferro said. 


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