Utility worker goes extra mile to fix water line

Photo of submerged Jimmie Cox has gone viral

(Andrea Adams)
(Andrea Adams)

HOOD COUNTY, Texas – One determined utility worker went above, beyond and below to fix a water main break.

A photo of Jimmie Cox submerged in the water has gone viral and made the Texas resident an Internet star.

WFAA reports that Cox, an employee of the Acton Municipal Utility District, went to the home of Andrea Adams to repair a broken pipe that had burst.

The muddy water surrounding the pipe made an easy fix a difficult one, so Dixon just dove in head first to tackle the problem.

"When I walked back outside, the kid was in there," Adams told WFAA.

Still in disbelief, Adams took a picture of Cox and posted it to her Facebook account where it became a global sensation.

Because the pipe was almost five-and-a-half feet below the surface, Cox figured diving in was the way to go.

Although Cox's quick thinking paid off and the pipe was fixed, he will live on as a hero who goes the extra mile at any depth.