3 men arrested in robbery attempt of 2 undercover Miami Beach detectives

'My bad' robbery suspect says after arrest


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Three men attempted to rob two undercover Miami Beach detectives who were working in the entertainment district of the city, police said

While on the phone one of the detectives heard footsteps coming behind him and saw David Brautigam, 40, Jason Ramos, 25, and Isaac Rojas, 19, approaching  him and the other detective.

Rojas pulled out a folding pocket knife and began to circle the detectives, according to police.

One detective then yelled to the other "Be careful, behind you!"

The second detective then turned around and presented his badge and gun to the suspects.

Brautigam, then began to circle around a detectives and yelled to the other suspects "F--- them up, what are you waiting for?"

One detective then called for backup, and once they arrived Rojas stuffed the knife into his pocket police said.

The suspects were placed under arrest.

While in custody Ramos stated, "Officer, my bad. I really didn’t know you were cops."