Justice for Jada rally set for Monday in Miami-Dade

Anti-violence event to honor 8-year-old girl killed in Miami-Dade

MIAMI – A gunman fatally shot Dominique Brown's 8-year-old daughter in the head seven days ago in Northwest Miami-Dade. 

The girl's mother was planning on attending the Labor Day "Justice for Jada" rally to be held on Monday afternoon in Miami-Dade County's West Little River neighborhood. 

Brown posted the Facebook invitation to the 3 p.m., gathering at 9485 NW  17th Ave., on Saturday. She wrote, "Come on y'all! 6 days still no arrest!" 

The organizers said they were ready for at least 1,000 participants to "let these cowards know that our children deserve to play outside and not fear for their lives."

Brown remembers telling Jada to get out of the car and go get her dad. She didn't want to move, so Brown asked her again. Jada jumped out. Brown said she saw her going in the house to get her dad. 

"She came back out but instead of coming back to the car, she sat on the porch," Brown said in tears. 

Jada was waiting for her dad, James Page, 32, when bullets targeting him started flying a few minutes later. The day changed Brown forever. 

Rescue took the fourth-grade Sea Castle Elementary School student from Miramar  to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. For a while, all Brown said she could do was pray for a miracle. 

Jada remained brain dead on life support until Tuesday night.

Her cousin Eugene Spence said he sat at her bedside until her death. He turned to Facebook to ask that anyone with information contact authorities.

"I know there is a certain code in the streets, but all that code s--t go out the window when there is a kid involved," Spence said.

The father of Jada's cousin then had a message for the shooters.

"You'all just don't understand what you are doing man," Spence said. "There used to be some type of code out here ... I don't want to hear it was an accident."

Spence said the killers were waiting for Page to get out of the house and saw Jada.

The presence of the little girl didn't stop them. They still opened fire. 

"There ain't nothing street about that," Spence said. "That's coward [expletive] man."

Spence said the family didn't need GoFundMe accounts or money for funeral expenses. But he welcomed the community's donations to be directed to the Miami-Dade County Crime Stoppers.

The reward for information leading to an arrest in the case is $23,000. 

"How you help us out is by talking, by saying something, by letting us know what's going on man," Spence said. "These [expletive] that did this gotta get caught."

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