Fla. Boy Scout scammed with $100 counterfeit bill given as donation

Community donates to help make up for his loss


OCALA, Fla. – An unfortunate circumstance brought out the best in people in one Florida town. 

Riley Couture, 12, was selling snacks asa fundraiser for his Boy Scout group at a Walmart in Ocala Friday when someone made a purchase with a $100 bill. After giving the right amount of change, he found out the bill was fake. 

Since the story aired Saturday, people have been pitching in to help make up for his loss. 

"It really caught us by surprise," Riley's dad, Luis Licha, said. 

Despite Riley's loss on Friday, he and his family set up once again at Walmart on Sunday. 

They were caught off-guard again, but for different reasons. A man, who wished to remain anonymous, gifted Riley with $100 in an envelope to make up for his financial setback.

"I was happy. I got my donations back from the guy who stole them, basically, and $20 more for my personal money," Riley said. 

An additional $105 came in the form of donations Sunday.  

"Many senior citizens, most of them came up to me and said, the story about, you know, 'My husband was a senior master, my son was an Eagle Scout, and I saw the story and wanted to come and to help you guys,'" Licha said.

Sharing the story wasn't about the money for Licha and his family. He said it was about getting a message out there that could save a potential victim. 

"It's a big holiday weekend," Licha said. "There's a lot of Boy Scouts out there doing the fundraising and I wanted to make sure they were aware of what's going on, to be on the lookout."

Riley says he's not afraid of it happening again. 

"I know that there's good people and there's bad people," Riley said. "It did bother me at first, but now it's just water under the bridge."

The Marion County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident.  It won't be until Tuesday when investigators work to get more information on the man behind the counterfeit money. 

Riley's parents said they plan to give the donated money to the North Florida Council of Boy Scouts in Jacksonville to help other Boy Scouts. 

Donations may be sent to:

Ocala Community of Christ -- Boy Scout Troop 564
2402 NE 28th St.
Ocala, FL 34470
c/o Riley Couture