'Look ma, no brains!'

Motorcyclist 'rides' bike in back of truck on highway


MIAMI – If South Florida drivers are upset about their bad reputation around the country, they now have one particular goof-off to blame.

One "motorcyclist," and we put the word in quotes for a reason, was caught riding his hog on the Palmetto Expressway on the Labor Day holiday.

The only problem?

He was riding it while he and the motorcycle were in the back of a pick-up truck.

The person who posted the picture to their Instagram account added a well-deserved #Miamibro hashtag as a reminder that nothing surprises Sunshine State natives anymore.

Of course, riding without a helmet is perfectly legal, but riding without a helmet on top of a motorcycle inside a truck while driving at a high rate of speed on a major highway means there's probably nothing in the noggin to protect anyway.