15 years after Sept. 11: How attacks unfolded


MIAMI – While some worried about whether or not Beyonce was going to leave Destiny's Child, a group of men -- mostly from Saudi Arabia -- was secretly executing a plan to kill thousands. 

The days before Tamyka Campbell walked into an office on the 59th floor of the World Trade Center's North Tower, she wasn't concerned about a terror attack.

Campbell, who was pregnant when the attack took her by surprise, survived to give birth to a girl. They live in South Florida. And during the 15th anniversary of the day of terror, Campbell said she will be thinking about the 2,996 others who didn't make it.

It has taken years to understand, how 19 hijackers used four commercial airlines in a swift and well-executed attack. The interactive graphic below presents information from federal government records and the 9/11 memorial. 


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