Woman hit in face by sky-falling fish

Bird most likely dropped catfish


PHILADELPHIA – As if people don't have enough to worry about these days, now the sky is raining fish.

A Philadelphia woman's walk through a park was ruined when she was smacked in the face from a falling catfish.

WABC reports the smelly smackdown took place as Lisa Lobree was talking with a friend underneat a tree in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park on Sept. 5.

One second it was all sunshine and good times, the next it was a five-pound, 18-inch catfish slapping Lobree her in the cheek.

"It bounced off," she said. "Annie sees me go down, turns around, looks and goes, 'Oh my God! It was a fish.'"

The fish was apparently dropped by a bird who was sitting in the tree planning on enjoying a Labor Day feast.

Other than a small cut and swelling, Lobree survived the fish encounter intact, with one horrible reminder.

"I smelled disgusting," she said.