Stolen Fernandez jersey returned to high school

Jersey swiped after event honoring Marlins pitcher

TAMPA, Fla. – Jose Fernandez's high school jersey was returned to the school a day after it was stolen following an on-campus memorial service celebrating his life.

A tweet showing the jersey back at the school was shared Friday morning.

Officials said a family saw a large envelope leaning up against the ticket booth at Alonso High School with the words "Jose's jersey" written on it. The family took the envelope into to the school Friday morning. The jersey was inside.

Mark Douglas of WFLA in Tampa originally reported the jersey was stolen after hundreds attended the memorial at Alonso High School.

Numerous pleas went out to whoever stole the jersey with Fernandez's ubiquitous number 16 to return the school's cherished item.

The school promised "no questions asked" if the jersey was returned.

Despite a stead rain, a crowd full of coaches, parents and student were on hand to remember Fernandez who played for the school after emigrating from Cuba in 2008.

The school's assistant principal spoke about Fernandez has a young student.

"He touched my heart, just like he touched many," WFLA reports Diaz said. "How many people he helped and how many people he made smile and how many people he struck out that he didn't make smile. That was Jose."