Dozens of cats removed from Oakland Park home

Neighbors say elderly woman, son were hoarding cats, trash

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. – Animal control officials removed dozens of cats Friday from an Oakland Park home.

Neighbors said an elderly woman and her son were living in deplorable conditions, hoarding cats and trash.

"They are multiplying so fast. The kittens are having baby kittens," neighbor Erik Naymik said.

An armada of animal control animal transport vehicles was called out Friday to Northeast 33rd Street to investigate the woman and her son.

"The problem is very bad, where you can't even breathe when you come outside," Naymik said. "Cats are in my yard. They are peeing all over my cushions. If I cook outside, they are jumping over the fence. It is very bad."

Animal officials trapped or caught more than 50 cats by Friday afternoon, but said that there are many more still inside the home.

"They are in the attic. I think they could be in the walls. I know it is well over 100 cats," Naymik said.

Neighbors were even more concerned because the son had been hospitalized and the elderly woman was living alone.

"When she opens the door and comes out, she barely gets out the door because there is a swarm of cats around her, and if those cats trip her and make her fall, she is not going to get back up," Naymik said.

Officials said the woman was living without electricity. Her granddaughter, who showed up to help, said the mother and son have not talked to family for more than three years, so they had no idea this was going on.