Police ride-along passenger involved in chase shootout

Civilian was member of Citizen Police Academy

MADERA, Calif. – A police dashcam captured an intense chase in which suspects fired on the patrol car while a civilian was in the passenger seat.

ABC News reports the incident happened Sunday morning in Madera, California as Officer Julian Garcia was performing a ride-along with a member of the city's Citizen Police Academy.

The video shows Garcia attempting to pull over a silver Mazda. A chase ensued after the driver failed to stop.

Almost throughout the entire chase you can hear the woman screaming, at one point yelling "He has a gun!" and asking the officer to stop the chase.

Seconds later, a passenger in the suspect's car begins firing at the officer. 

An estimated 14 rounds were fired, with four striking the patrol car.

Neither the officer or the civilian passenger were injured. The suspects ditched the car and left the scene on foot.

According to ABC News, Officer Garcia completed field training just two weeks ago.

The Citizen's Police Academy was reportedly created to develop a working relationship within the Madera community.