Tim Kaine calls Florida 'checkmate state' in presidential election

Democratic vice presidential nominee attends early voting rally at FIU

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine made an appearance in South Florida on the first day of early voting in the state.

Kaine spoke Monday at a rally for running mate Hillary Clinton at Florida International University.

The Virginia senator spoke about the importance of early voting and Florida's impact on the presidential election.

"Florida, you guys are a checkmate state," Kaine said. "You're a checkmate state. If Hillary wins Florida, she's going to be president, and for those of you who, you don't want to wait up 'til Mountain Time to know who your president's going to be. You don't have to wait up until Pacific Time. You can win this race in Eastern Time if you just make sure that Hillary Clinton wins Florida."

A Clinton win in Florida doesn't guarantee a victory, but it would make Republican nominee Donald Trump's path to 270 electoral votes difficult to attain.

Trump also made stops in the Sunshine State, visiting Boynton Beach and St. Augustine.

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