Donald Trump holds rally at Bayfront Park in Miami

Supporters begin gathering at event before sun rises

MIAMI – Donald Trump campaigned Wednesday in Miami, holding a rally at Bayfront Park.

Some supporters started gathering before the sun came up.

"You want to be front row?" Local 10 News reporter Erica Rakow asked one man.

"Front row, absolutely. I want to be able to turn around and take a selfie with him," first-time voter Sean Clarke said.

Trump's supporters came decked out with hats, signs and even masks.

A Miami Beach man behind one mask said he used to be a Hillary Clinton supporter and even once worked on her campaign.

"I'm a registered Democrat, and I'm here to say the only ones going after ISIS is Trump," Bob Kunst, president of Shalom International, said. "Hillary is part of the mess. She's not going to be the answer, so I'm lending my weight and support (to Trump). This is actually my, actually, 37th event since July."

From national security to border patrol, the voters said there's nothing that can change their minds in the next six days.

"I'm Hispanic myself, and I disagree with how they try painting it that he doesn't like Hispanics when he just said, you know, control the illegals," Coral Springs resident Jules Masferrer said. "Like, I agree with that. I have no problem with that."

Women and children were also among those in attendance to hear Trump's message to South Florida.

"I know that Hillary Clinton will make this world very bad," Boca Raton voter Lydia Berent said.

Trump warned supporters not to become complacent and to make sure they vote. The Republican presidential nominee criticized Clinton's "bad judgment" and called her "a very unstable person."

"Did you hear about this little event, the FBI reopening the investigation?" Trump asked the crowd. "They're reopening the investigation into crooked Hillary Clinton."

Trump called Clinton's email server investigation the "biggest scandal since Watergate."

"The safety and security of this country far outweighs anything that she could possibly say to me, and in lieu of the circumstances of what is happening now, I would never in a million years put this country at risk by voting for her. She sold this country out," Broward County resident Marilys Delgado said.

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