Students saw something, said something when shown gun at school

Student at North Andrews Gardens Elementary found with gun in book bag


POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – The principal of North Andrews Gardens Elementary set a gun on the desk of Detective Honan on Tuesday.

"Is this real?" Davida Shacter said, according to a report.  

Inside a black-and-green hoodie was a small, silver Jennings Firearms Inc. .25 caliber handgun with a white handle, which was brought to school by a male student, police said.  

Honan removed the magazine, locked the slide to the rear and placed the weapon in his desk. The gun, which didn’t have any bullets in the magazine or in the camber, caused a lockdown at the school.

A  teacher told Shacter that they heard about the gun from another teacher whose students saw the weapon before school started, according to a police report.

Shacter then went to the classroom, pulled the student out and asked him if he had brought anything to school he should not have, the report said. The student responded with "no."

She then asked the student to remove all the contents of his book bag.

"He complied and while removing the contents, she noticed that he gingerly removed a gray/black neon green hooded sweatshirt, which was balled up within the bag," the report said. "He gently placed it on the sidewalk." 

When a search through the book bag didn’t reveal a weapon, Shacter remembered the boy handling the book bag with care, the report said. It was inside the sweatshirt that the weapon was found.

That’s when the gun was found and the school’s on-campus deputy was contacted.

The student was brought to Honan’s office, where he "became very agitated" and attempted to escape the room.

"As a last resort Honan placed (the student) in handcuffs for his safety and of others until he calmed down," the report said. "After a short time (the student) did calm down and handcuffs were removed."

Before the Broward Sheriff’s Office arrived, the school the student said, "I did not put the gun in my book bag," and "I did not have the gun in my bag."  

The school reopened after it was placed under a lockdown on Tuesday.